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Moe the Peacock 2

Moe the Peacock 2
The new image of Moe in b/w


New image from my Etsy Shop, from the Farmer's Market in Dallas, TX

Sun in the Sun

Sun in the Sun
Pic from the Dallas Farmer's Market

Monday, February 15, 2010

Today was supposed to be good, then I realized it was a Monday

Title says it all.

First test of the semester was today, and in theater 101. haha...probably should have spent more time studying, but, oh well. Today wasn't bad, but wasn't marvelous either. It was just a Monday.

Scheduled a doctors appointment for Wednesday, which will be the third in a month because I still haven't stopped coughing/wheezing/incessantly blowing my nose. Maybe third time's a charm. We shall see.

Posted two new pictures in my Etsy shop, so that's fun. Check them out?

Over and out. (oh yes, I said it.)

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